The composer of CHORUS: An Adventure Musical has spoken about how several of the game’s collaborators, including Troy Baker and Laura Bailey, came to work on the project.

In an exclusive interview with OnlySP, composer Austin Wintory discussed his initial involvement in the project, and how he was connected with developer Summerfall Studios by Ken Wong, the lead designer of Monument Valley.

“Ken and I had lunch at GDC a few years ago and I said ‘Would you ever want to make a musical?’, and he was like ‘Nope, but I have a friend who would’, and he connected me with Liam Esler, who is the producer of CHORUS. We started scheming and he said ‘You know, I’m friends with and partnered with this writer who was the writer on the Dragon Age games, David Gaider, and he also wants to do a musical. What do you think?’

“And I said ‘Well, you know I’m buddies with Troy Baker and he and I have been talking about doing a musical’, and then Troy’s like, ‘Well you know I work at lot with Laura Bailey and she’s interested…’ and it was like this daisy chain of everybody realising we all want to do this.”

Described as “a thrilling tale of gods, romance, danger, and tragedy” in a modern setting, CHORUS: An Adventure Musical was recently revealed as Summerfall Studio’s first title since being established last year..

Stay tuned for the final part of video interview with Wintory later today. In the first part of the interview, Wintory discussed initial predictions on the reception of John Wick Hex. In the second part of the interview, Wintory spoke about what he wishes more people would ask him about video games, and revealed that he likes to email people who gift his soundtracks to others on Bandcamp to thank them.

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