CHORUS: An Adventure Musical

After announcing Summerfall Studios earlier this year, Dragon Age writer David Gaider has lifted the lid on the team’s first game.

CHORUS: An Adventure Musical brings together an all-star list of lead developers, with Journey composer Austin Wintory scoring the project, The Last of Us actor Troy Baker acting as voice director, alongside actress Laura Bailey.

The game is billed as an interactive musical that tells “a thrilling tale of gods, romance, danger, and tragedy.”

Players take the role of a band member named Grace who find herself caught up as a suspect in the death of a Muse, who passed her powers to Grace before passing on. Through dialogue and musical numbers, Grace has to find a way to clear her name.

Inspired by the likes of the musical Wicked and video games such as Life is Strange, CHORUS includes light RPG elements through the inclusion of traits that determine how players can approach a situation, as well as how other characters respond to the player’s songs.

The game itself is a contemporary urban fantasy featuring modern interpretations of characters and places from Greek mythology.

Summerfall Studios is seeking USD$600,000 to bring the game to life via a Fig crowdfunding campaign beginning today. The team had originally planned to use Kickstarter, but decided otherwise in response to the platform’s anti-union stance.

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