Far Cry 3 director Patrick Plourde is working on a new JRPG titled Child of Light that draws from the art style of classic children’s literature, Plourde announced at GDC Europe.

The game utilizes UbiArt Framework, an engine that allows developers to give special attention to artistic direction. The engine was first seen in Rayman Origins and allowed the game to develop its unique art style. Plourde hopes to use this engine to emulate the distinctive art style of fairy tale books. The actual gameplay will be side-scrolling with turn-based battles.

The development team behind Child of Light is small, a break from other big-budget, blockbuster games on Plourde’s résumé. Also in a break from Ubisoft’s traditional AAA style, the game will be a downloadable title, a conscious decision by Plourde to avoid dealing with retailers.

The game will be officially announced by Ubisoft in the near future, so keep an eye open for more news about this new game.

Via Polygon

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