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Might and Delight, makers of the Shelter series, are hard at work on their newest title, Child of Cooper. In our Shelter 2 review, we talked about their interesting visual and audio styles, and the developer looks to be continuing that with Cooper. Have a look at the latest trailer which confirms not only the PC and Mac releases, but announces that the game will be headed to VR as well.

Showcasing a view from the memories of a child, Might and Delight seeks to create a surrealistic world where the narrative is constantly moving regardless of player interaction. Their conceptual artwork presents a mix of styles, from black and white brushstrokes reminiscent of the almost cross-hatched style of Shelter 2, to haphazard blotches of color. It’s almost as if they have broken down the art style of their previous games. The trailer puts it all back together and pairs it with their always interesting choices of music by Retro Family. Visit their Child of Cooper Tumblr page for a look at their newest released concepts.

We’ll have to wait to see where they go with this latest concept and how it will work on VR systems. Though listed on Steam as a 2015 release, the most the developers have said is that the game will be coming “at a later date”. For the latest on Child of Cooper and other titles on PC and console, stay tuned to OnlySP.

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