Just before crossing the finish line, Chernobylite managed to reach 200 percent of its Kickstarter funding goal.

The campaign reached its end today, with the final total sitting at USD$206,671 from an initial $100,000 goal.

More than 3,300 backers pledged money in the campaign to secure extra content such as more locations, a crafting system, a bonus character, and more.

Passing the $200,000 stretch goal means players will get the “Red Forest Playable Location.” Chernobylite’s campaign page describes the content as “the most radioactive forest on Earth.”

Those unfamiliar with the campaign or game should check out the half-hour of gameplay footage posted just a few weeks ago.

Chernobylite is set for PC Early Access release later this year with a console launch planned for the future.

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Michael Cripe
Michael fell into the OnlySP team toward the end of 2017. You’ll mostly catch his work over in the news area, but that doesn’t mean he won’t dip into the features section every now and then. For him, gaming doesn’t get much better than Metal Gear Solid and Super Mario Sunshine. Though he is a die-hard Nintendo fan, he grew up on PlayStation.

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  1. For me its more interesting post-apo than bunch of recent titles like F76, new Far Cry, Rage 2, Borderlands 3 etc.

    BTW dev diary with subtitles about recreation of Chernobyl:

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