To commemorate of the 32nd anniversary of the Chernobyl Disaster, developer The Farm 51, best known for first-person survival horror game Get Even, has announced a new survival horror game entitled Chernobylite.

The announcement came in the form of a press release, which stated that the developer aims “tell [players] the story of Chernobylite: conspiracy, horror, survival, love, and obsession in a form of a video game.” Throughout the post, the developer implies that the project will be entrenched in some form of historical accuracy, so players can expect something a little different than a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. clone. 

The project is being made entirely in Unreal Engine 4 and will boast a “visually stunning recreation of the Chernobyl area achieved with detailed 3D scanning.” The inspiration for the title comes from The Farm 51’s experiences “spending a lot of time in [the] Chernobyl Exclusion Zone gathering all data and materials”, as the developer hopes to provide a “deep, emotional story” within the confines of the Chernobyl Disaster.

Be sure to revisit Gareth Newnham’s positive review of Get Even. For more on Chernobylite and the world of single-player, be sure to follow OnlySP on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Ben Newman

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