Steel Division: Normandy 44

Just yesterday, the WWII RTS Steel Division: Normandy 44 became available for players to pre-order on Steam. The main perk to pre-ordering is the instant access you get to the closed beta which will run now and right up to the official full game launch on May 23. Well, rather than the pay full price, the first discounts are popping up on the net getting you a much cheaper Steam key.

Steel Division Normandy 44 PC Deals

Note: prices updated 5/23/17

These discounts come to us by to popular PC gaming retailers: DLGamer and GMG. Both are fully authorized by Paradox Interactive and will delivery you a Steam key near instantly after purchase, so you can get on the beta right away. You’ll also get the same pre-order bonuses there as buying for full price on Steam.

Pre-order Bonuses & Deluxe Offers

You can play as Michael Wittman or other popular figures if you pre-order or buy the Deluxe version of the game. The draw to buying Deluxe and/or pre-ordering is to get access to in-game aces of WWII on both sides of the conflict. These aces include:

pre-order in-game Aces

  • Michael Wittman (Tiger E)
  • Francis Gabreski (P-47D fight-bomber)

Deluxe Edition Aces

  • Dick Winters (USA, Paratrooper battalion)
  • Ernst Barkmann (Germany, Panther A tank)
  • Joseph Priller (Germany, Bf109A fighter plane)
  • Wilfred Harris (UK, Sherman Firefly tank)
  • Leo Major (Canada, sniper scout)
  • Kurt Knispel (Germany, Tiger II)

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