CD Projekt RED has issued a statement following the less then desirable reaction to the Xbox One version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt obtaining some exclusive items in its version of the collectors edition. Nevermind the fact that Microsoft has heavily promoted The Witcher 3 at every event, including E3 and Gamescom.


Looking at the heated comments, I believe that our announcement of the physical addition of two decks of Gwent cards and a cloth map, requires a further word from us.

Here at CD Projekt Red, we always put gamers first. Our PC versions are released DRM-free, we bend over backwards to give you the most beefed up editions of our games (be it standard or Collector’s), and we deliver the same game, regardless of platform or version you buy. Moreover, we promised not have any exclusive DLCs, neither per platform nor per retailer, and we do stand by our promise–nothing has changed, nor will change in this regard.

Don’t get me wrong, I do understand that these extra items might be desirable for Witcher fans playing the game on other platforms. However, as we are not offering any platform or retail exclusive DLCs or any other form of gameplay differentiation, we do have to find other ways to support our partners. We are also providing special pre-order items for certain retailers around the world, including Witcher comic books, posters, steel books or medallions. Funnily enough, we did not notice any heated comments on the pre-order specials.

What is the reason? Why are we doing this? We need the support of partners to make our game visible worldwide. This should hopefully translate to better sales, which will in consequence allow us to do what we have been doing for the last 10 years, i.e. reinvest this money to make more great RPGs, while still sticking to our values.

If you still consider that adding two decks of Gwent cards and a map of the in-game world to the Xbox One CE equals us betraying our values and not fulfilling our promises, well, it does make us sad, but the final call is always yours to make.

Still, I do hope that what we offer is unique and we can ask you to give us the benefit of the doubt. We have more great things to announce for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in the coming months and I promise you won’t be disappointed (yes, yes, there are no more exclusives coming).

I have nothing to say on this subject at this time so I’ll just leave you with CD Projekt RED’s statement and get back to you another time when I feel like discussing how annoying situations like this are becoming with the gaming community. As with the Tomb Raider blog post announcing the exclusivity of the game for Xbox One, I’d avoid the comments on The Witcher 3 Facebook page at this point in time to save yourself from endlessly shaking your head.

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Collector’s Edition Post

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. SELLOUTS. Just say you are a sellout and move on. CD Projekt Red is one of the most respected devs in the industry. For them to show The Witcher 3 at Xbox’s E3 2013, the only platform it was coming to at the time that was forcing DRM, was disgusting. To add salt, they console wasn’t even coming to Poland either.
    You took their money and are pathetic for it. Microsoft after going to be advertising your game, that is what Namco Bandai is for. What next? The PS4 version will be dumbed down to meet the standards of the Xbone version? Because that is the next thing on the agenda.

  2. I can understand pc gamers being upset over this simply because the series got it’s start on pc and was always supported well by that community. You would think if there was going to be a collector’s edition with extra content not available elsewhere, it would be available to pc gamers. On the other hand, the developer is running a business. They have to do what they feel is right for their employees and the company. Microsoft throws their money around, that’s what they are good at. I don’t particularly care for it, but if it doesn’t affect the quality of the games where they exert some influence, I can live with it. But when it affects a game’s development by hampering other platforms by offering “the same experience” across platforms….that is where I draw the line. So if the ps4 version of The Witcher 3 isn’t optimized for ps4, and is the exact same as the xbone version…well, I simply won’t buy the game. If it happens in The Division…I won’t buy the game. If it happens anywhere, I won’t buy the game. I currently own a ps4, ps3, and 360 with the possibility of purchasing a wii u in 2015, possibly even an xbone. To me, the issue is credibility and integrity. These developers need to deliver what they say they will deliver. Don’t talk and show big things, then come up short when it’s time to put your spikes on. Do the best possible job you can on every platform you deliver your games on. Don’t take shortcuts. Do the work. Don’t merely take the money and shortchange gamers because you want a paycheck. Your hard earned good reputation among gamers is worth more than that.

    1. Well…they are doing what they set out to do and make the game the best it can be while making sure gamers get the same experience on console. I think, in a way that’s fair. Sure, PS4 has more power but not every developer is going to take advantage of that.

      Honestly, the fact you won’t buy a game based on that notion alone is kinda sad. You’ll be missing on some great experiences this generation because of that logic.

      Their credibility and integrity is way above other companies and people who don’t know about CD Projekt RED’s history are certainly overlooking that and totally overblowing this issue.

      Also, as they noted different retailers are offering all kinds of different incentives for the game that are exclusive to certain retailers. So what’s the difference? If I buy the Limited Edition at Gamestop I might not get the same stuff I’m getting at Target. The reason this is so overblown is simply because of the Xbox vs PS4 vs PC issue which is complete garbage in my opinion.

      1. Well, what about PC/PS4 users that pay the SAME amount for the collector’s edition? I guess in the future all multiplatform games should do that, right? I mean, Jesus, you guys always play up Microsoft/Xbox as the saviour of gaming. You might as well go and tell all the developers out there, when you make a collector’s edition, leave out physical items for PS4/PC users – they don’t “care” for those missing items, even though we are paying the SAME DAMN AMOUNT.

        1. Then don’t pay it.

          Its a STUPID piece of cloth and 2 decks of cards for a card game that is in the actual game.

          Stop acting like there’s some vast difference between them when there isn’t.

          CDPR cares about the actual game, like the vast majority of people buying the game.

        2. “Also, as they noted different retailers are offering all kinds of
          different incentives for the game that are exclusive to certain
          retailers. So what’s the difference? If I buy the Limited Edition at
          Gamestop I might not get the same stuff I’m getting at Target. ”

          They may be Pre-order incentives, but even if you buy the Limited Edition of the game, you might not get the same thing if you buy it at one place over the other. What’s the difference between that, and something being on one console or the other?

      2. Pre order incentives are free and you have a choice as to weather or where you want to get them.

        Exclusive DLC is almost always timed and all consoles and platforms get the content eventually.

        Collectors editions cost considerably more and in most cases people buy the collectors editions for the physical content. The CE cost the same on all platforms but only one console get the extra 5 to 10 dollars worth of content. Like i said before with DLC everyone gets it eventually and in most cases for free. If I pay $!49.99 for PC version I will never get the extra physical content, they are not going to send it to me 6 months down the road.

        It’s not even a smart move, collectors editions aren’t going to sell consoles. They don’t even make that many of them. The last one, The Witcher 2 CE, probably made little money, one it was packaged badly and lot of people got damaged items, two they are getting too expensive. Most collectors editions can be bought for half price a few months later. I got The Witcher 2 CE for PC for $29.99 a few months after release, in fact most of the collectors editions of games that I have bought have been at very reduced prices. Anyway It just doesn’t seem like a smart move for either Microsoft or CD Project.

      3. Nick, your attitude about console power is all wrong. So we should always concede to Xbox because it’s the weaker console? They should never use that power because it makes the other one look weaker by comparison? Gimme a break.

        Xbox 360 had the superior multiplatform titles and fanboys played it up hardcore while PS3 owners had to deal with it. Now PS4 owners have to deal with having an underperforming title because one console is weaker than the other. You don’t see the screwed up thing in all of this?

        When are we truly going to get our superior performing games like when 360 got theirs? Yeah I get that the first year of games it’s defaulting to PS4 but more and more developers are going the route of CDPR and making them the same even though there’s more power to be had on PS4. This is NOT a good precedent to be setting.

        1. I did not say that you should be OK with it. What I’m saying is that developers are going to develop the game the way that THEY want to.

          We are the vocal minority. It’s a matter of fact, most people will not notice the difference between the PS4 version of The Witcher 3 over the Xbox One version if there happens to be a difference if CD chose to fully utilize the software.

          And the PS3 did get much more powerful games than the Xbox 360 last gen, in the form of first party exclusives. There’s nothing on the Xbox 360 that matches up to Uncharted or The Last of Us in terms of graphical fidelity…Halo 4’s close.

      4. You said, “Sure, PS4 has more power but not every developer is going to take advantage of that.” That is understandable in some circumstances, for small developers or those on tight budgets or tight windows…but my whole point is when a developer gets some special tie in and then all of a sudden the console versions are identical….not due to time/money constraints, but purely because they don’t want to upset their “partner”, who paid for special favors/items/release window etc. etc. etc. Why would I support that? Why would anyone? Do the best job you can for each platform. Period. Anything less is circumspect. Special pack in items don’t mean a thing to me…I’ve bought one collectors edition game in my life, in a long history of buying games. I only care about how the game performs when I play it. And if the developer shortcuts the process by “aiming for parity”, they’re not getting my money. Period. Because they’re not making the game as good as it could be, rather they’re trying not to offend whatever party paid them for the privilege. Maybe you don’t have a problem with that, but I think it’s a big problem. Now whether this turns out to be the case with games like The Division, I don’t know. But if it does turn out that way, I don’t see how anyone who loves or cares about this industry can say it doesn’t matter. It obviously does.

        1. I agree, I do. I think a lot of the parity talk is just that..Talk. Nothing but PR talk. I know this much, it better be! Myself and other games didn’t build/upgrade their PC’s or buy the console of their choice to be undermined because of shady anti-consumer business practices. I am referring more so with CDPR and Witcher 3 in this situation but it still stands overall.

    2. You can practically guarantee that this means Microsoft will provide some marketing support as well. Whether they include Witcher footage in their XBOX game montages or if we see Xbox Branded advertisements for Witcher (like COD), I’m not sure, but the way they mentioned “partners” so many times makes me think there was some benefit for CDProjektRed as well (marketing).

      1. ? They already have! Have you seen The Witcher at any of Sony’s conferences? It’s not wrong for Microsoft to advertise a third party game. Look at Sony with Destiny! For goodness sakes.

        1. Exactly. Any time anyone bitches about anything third-party exclusive, timed/marketing/otherwise, it’s always about MS doing it.

          My response? “Destiny says hi.”

          You’d be surprised how many conversations suddenly end.

          1. See above, dick.

        2. You guys are both ridiculous!
          How was my comment on the ‘offensive’?
          It was a matter-of-fact statement that you, Nick, and “theredbutterfly’ took out of context because your fanboy emotions are on such a hair trigger, you can’t see a statement for what it is. Good on your upvoting fans to side with their mod for no reason.

          I have an Xbox One sitting beside me, who’s whining?

          1. Ha no no, it’s not my fault that you didn’t explain your reasoning well enough. Sorry if I came off as aggressive with you, but the passive aggressiveness of comments like that is something I see every day. Your comment made it sound like Xbox doing marketing for a game was a bad thing and made it sound one sided. I’m probably the least biased person you’d find here ha.

    3. what are you even ranting about? Do u actually think these trinkets are made at CD:PR?…

      Really… What does pack’ins funded by MS have to do with a game.

      U think CD:PR, actually took development staff and assigned them to the “Trinkets and Charms” division…

      U just posted a rant about nothing.

      1. Are you really foolish enough to believe that Witcher branded content isn’t controlled by the developer/publisher? Wow…I didn’t realize I was speaking to nitwits…my apologies.

        1. Was Steve Ballmer responsible for developing Windows?
          Or was he the approval guy.

          You think so narrow mindedly..,

          The suits handle the Trinkets and Charms.
          The suits say yay or nay to Trinkets and Charms.

          The suits say “If someone else is willing to foot the bill for Trinkets and Charms, and advertising, and all we have to do is focus on the game, the. Why not.”….

          Are you that angry over a deck of cards and a cloth map? Really?!?!?… Trinkets and Charms that another company (Microsoft is footing the bill for).
          You are that angry because MS has the funds to do it.

          This is what we call a “Hater”…
          And like they say, haters gon’ hate…

          Developers handle code. The only time someone would step away, is to approve the quality of said physical content.

          1. Oh, you’re one of those people. An apologist. An excuses maker. Well, let me inform you…excuses are tools of incompetence that build monuments of nothingness, and those who specialize in their use rarely accomplish anything…good luck with that. Peace.

          2. An apologist?!?!?… Really…

            Once again, why is MS getting so much flack for having a bigger check book to than their comp.?

            What you are saying is, MS shouldn’t be allowed to “make it rain” if others can’t do it as well.

            And this is coming from a PS4 owner.

            Why can’t your rant be this “CD:PR, since the PC or ps4, can’t have these goodies can u price the game to $50 instead of $60”

            Don’t hate in MS for having loot…

          3. Well, yeah, two of the devs at CDPR are developing the card game etc. and the final art on the map . SO yes in that way they ARE responsible for these “trinkets”

          4. Again, an apologist. The reason Microsoft has, and I repeat, HAS, to do what they did is their 1st party studios are getting hammered, and have been for years, in comparison by what Sony and Nintendo have to offer. Microsoft offers nothing outside of shooters for first party, and it is now a trend that they don’t support their consoles late in a cycle because with both the xbox and the 360, it was a barren wasteland exclusives wise for both late in their respective life cycles. And this is coming from someone who has always owned multiple consoles, including ps4, pc, 360, ps3 currently, and hopefully next year wii u and possibly xbone. And a timed exclusive (Tomb Raider, another game where they are throwing away money) doesn’t move consoles, so they are wasting their money, in my opinion. The money would be better spent nurturing and encouraging their first party studios to experiment and bring new games that aren’t shooters. If Titanfall couldn’t propel the xbone to a monthly sales win, what is Rise of the Tomb Raider supposed to do? Especially considering it’s being designed to work with last gen tech (the 360), and it’s releasing A YEAR AND A HALF FROM NOW!!! Are they joking? Waste of money. That game is going to be up against several titles focused on current gen only, including presumably the likes of Halo 5 and Uncharted. Good luck with that. As you say “trinkets and charms” ain’t gonna cut it.

    4. Integrity? Namco sued CDPR for removing the DRM from their game, as per their stance against DRM. They have flawless integrity.

      This situation is exactly what they set out to provide the full and complete game.

      And don’t bring PC gamers into this. We know what CDPR is about, they’ve been the same since day one.

      They are the example of being profitable while respecting your customers. You want to question that or tear that down over stupid junk, go ahead, but be warned, what you are left with doesn’t have the same values as CDPR and that is a fact.

      1. wait a minute there. CDPR is not guilt-free in this. They embedded hidden code in the game to find pirates and then they had their lawyers blackmail those pirates into paying up or else they get hit with legal trouble.

        Never mind the fact that pirating is wrong but two wrongs don’t make a right. You can’t use the law to enact your own justice I don’t care who or where you’re from. Some innocent people got hit and they eventually stopped doing it but they shouldn’t have done it in the first place.

        1. They stopped that almost immediately, and no legal action was taken.

          They made a bad choice and got called out on it. They tried to go after pirates directly and learned a lesson. A misstep in an otherwise stellar track record.

          That is until they signed a deal with the devil and gave extra junk to xbox gamers.

          1. The damage was already done though. I myself lost trust in CDPR. I once thought them to be one of the few paragons of PC development and when I read about that, they were just as bad as everyone else.

            No they don’t include DRM on any of their games but who knows what kind of hidden code is being executed without your knowledge? If pirates couldn’t even figure it out then how could we regular consumers?

            The extra junk is meaningless to me. What concerns me more with Witcher 3 is this possible hidden code and the fact that they made all versions parity with the lowest performing platform. It sounds noble from the outside but in actuality it’s not.

      2. Sure pc gamers know. Is that why they’re the one’s bitching the loudest about the console version of The Witcher getting special content? Your own community is the one doing the most bitching dumbass…wake up.

    5. WTF so you wouldn’t buy a game if its ported across to the PS4? They have to optimise the game to its best possible advantage so you can play it? GTFU or just play the games you like. Both PS4 and XB1 games have been drastically reduced to work on the hardware. Want the best possible experience then invest in a gaming PC because that’s how the game is meant to be played. If you invested into a PS4 believing every game should look better on PS4 your dreaming. Both consoles are underpowered PCs and every game released is not how it looks on the developers screen.

      1. Wrong. I said I wouldn’t buy a game if, when ported, the developer didn’t do everything in their capabilities to make it the best it could be for whatever platform they are optimizing for. I thought that was pretty simple to understand.

  3. I would be angry if it was DLC, but some cards and a map? meh.

  4. nobody is mad they arent getting a cloth map & 2 card packs. this is all fumed up by the flame wars idiots. CD shouldve just ignored it

    1. Yeah. Who’s mad about this? I’m not seeing it.

      1. n4g is, the home of sony fanboys

  5. I can see some people getting a bit angry about this but it’s ok, they need the publicity and the money they got from MS to advertise and so on.
    They are a small studio after all and was considered indie.

    1. they don’t need no publicity indie name another game company a American president has praised im waiting… pis poor pathetic sony fanboys entitled little twats, everything was fine and dandy when they was getting destiny exclusive content first that is actually part of the game experience and we all pay the same for it, unlike this is only physical items that don’t effect gameplay at all. CD shouldn’t have even gave these lil cunts the satisfaction and kept quiet …

      1. It was pc fans complaining not ps4…

  6. A bunch of loser getting mad over this … get a life

  7. I love the assumption that it’s ps4 players complaining. It isn’t it’s pc fans…. And in a way they have a point it’s not about the actual items it seems to be more a matter of principle that as the fans who ate basically responsible for the games series success so far and the reason a third game is even being made through support for previous versions more than anyone else. It does seem abit stupid that if a pc fan is a massive fan and heavily supported the games thus far and buys the collectors edition they pay the same as an xbox one player but don’t get the same physical items, so they get less for their money. That has been their complaint and it’s perfectly rational argument to make.yself I’ll be getting it on ps4 and couldn’t really care less.

    1. That is the biggest load crap. PC gamers buy digital for the most part and there isn’t the same reaction going on amongnst PC gamers. Seen a whole hell of a lot more reaction from the Sony fans.

      Also, those few hoarders that collect junk like pieces of cloth are not those the supported CDPR from the beginning. More than that though, CDPR doesn’t owe us a damn thing. They are the one company that give a damn about the game they put out.

      Massive fans of CDPR and the Witcher games aren’t going to ignore the past for a piece of cloth and some cards. The ones that do, didn’t care about the one company that ALWAYS did right by us.

      These so called “Collectors” are annoying. The majority don’t care about their over-priced trinkets. Really wish people would stop acting like this junk (which is what it all is) is somehow crucial to the game. Its not and never will be.

      1. Please show me this “hell of a lot more reaction” from PS owners, despite The Witcher never even appearing on a PS platform before Witcher 3.

      2. You may be right about some fans but for me I do truly appreciate this “Junk” that and the fact what next? Will CDPR have exclusivity with anything in the future? are we to now not know what to believe? The fact is no matter how you look at this the armor has a chink in it now. I;m not canceling no pre-order or threatening anyone, that is ridiculous! BUT I will make my feelings and thoughts known because I do not want to see one of my favorite game companies go down hill!

    2. I am a PC gamer and I will be missing out on TR sequel and this special junk that’s not included in the purchase, you know why I don’t care? Because I purchase my games already cheap on PC (Steam) which to me that’s all that matters. Those that are complaining are sad children most likely PS4 fans because they refuse to buy another console. Not happy with your decision then trade it in and get the console that makes you happy. I know afew XB1 friends who don’t care about Destiny or Watchdogs or No Mans Sky exclusiveness yet PS4 fans have a heart attack because they couldn’t play Titanfall, a game they destroyed the USER rating on Meta critic because they couldn’t play it.

      1. That makes no sense at all.

  8. Why is it that when something gets announced for Microsoft console gamers complained the developers that are doing this are traders and get harassed and threaten why bodily harm action. Yet everyone is ok when Sony does that called being a hypocrite.Sunset overdrive gets announced everyone called insomniac traders. Yet they went to Sony with the game and Sony didn’t want them the keep the IP if they published it. Same with titanfall devs got hate because it wasn’t coming to ps4 even thought the developer went to Sony an asked for the specs of the system they wouldn’t allow them to have them. They wanted them to make the game for vita and ps3 only. Now you have crystal dynamic getting death threats from fans because they need a big partner to push the game further. Microsoft isnt just publishing the game they also are funding it yet people are pissed once again no likes it because its a Microsoft thing but who know the game probably wouldn’t even been made without them. Now this situation its a shame. If you think anything is wrong with first parties funding third party games and content. You need to also complained when Sony does it. Where were you people when Blood Borne was announced only for ps4 . How about when destiny announced a year worth of exclusive content or even No ma sky being a exclusive. Did you complain no because its coming to the console of your choice

    1. Because at the moment Playstation 4 has twice as many players…. Thats why.. Can’t forget about the so called “master race” either lmfao

      1. That’s not a reason for giving devs death threats.

    2. There are a lot of PC gamers you’re forgetting that are included in that number.

      1. I didn’t forget about the PC Crowd. Pc gamer tend not to purchases Collectors editions of games

  9. Wow this is unbelievable. Gamers are giving this community a bad name and yet another fanboy war breaks out over XB1 exclusiveness. Hey did you buy the wrong console to complain all the time? Seems like you did if you cried over Titanfall (petitioned) TR sequel (timed exclusive) and now TW3 (collectors edition). PS4 gets Destiny and Watchdogs exclusive in game content and yet do you see other gamers attack the company? You gamers are pathetic go back in your cave and never come out again. If your not happy with your purchase then sell it and get a XB1 if you don’t want to then that’s your problem. Leave the developers alone and let them make there games.

    CDPR please ignore there’s children and don’t explain yourself to them. There insecure about there purchase and are too cheap to do anything about it.
    MS seem to be offering there customers a lot more with there system, there willing to go out of there way and pay up for extras and exclusiveness then rather expect developers to simply side by Sony or Nintendo’s hardware.
    Next time don’t buy a product based off hype and marketing.

  10. I don’t really see the problem here. It’s not like the xbox one version gets additional game content, and since I wasn’t going to get the collector’s edition any way, I couldn’t care less.

    1. That’s a poor attitude to have “since I wasn’t going to get the collector’s edition any way, I couldn’t care less.” Their are many out their that were planning on getting the collectors and for those people to pay the same and get less is a hard pill to swallow and should be frowned upon as a bad thing against consumers.

      1. Then they should go out and buy an Xbox and stop playing with their little kitty PlayStation

        1. Its not just about ps4 its also pc gamers. Xbox fanboy much?

        2. Wow you sound like a little butthurt 12 year old that plague games like CoD on Xbox Live. Get back to your pathetic underpowered CrapBox One Fag

        3. And what kind of name is xbox? Oh I’m gonna go play in my box. Like a small child. Hypocrite much?

  11. Does not bother me one bit.

  12. I was not upset by the Tomb Raider Exclusivity.. I Own both systems, so I guess the shock was less, but I do feel like I can wait out the exclusivity and get it on the PS4 at a later date for cheap and probably will run a bit smoother. (Just being honest, still got both systems, because I love the exclusive content on both, just not a big fan of xbox when it comes to the AAA titles, and I have always been more fond of the way a PS controller fits in my hands.. since swapping from N64 to Playstation 1 / 2.

    I have to be honest though.. This Witcher 3 situation really didn’t sit well with me.. Not because Xbox was getting more items.. or because they apparently “Lied” to us.. I don’t care about any of that.

    What I really care about.. is how you have to pay the same price on every system for the same content.. except on Xbox.. Then you get two more things. That really never will sit right with me.. It has to do with the whole being on equal and fair ground.. As for the little bonus pre-order specials.. You can’t get all of them.. and most of them are FREE.. when you are paying for the same thing across 4 different platforms.. you’d expect it to have the same stuff.. This is the first time I have ever heard of any developer or studio doing something like this. There have been situations where you get a little bit extra content.. for a little bit of time in game.. and then it becomes available later.. but this is physical.. and I feel like it is setting a bad precedent for future business endeavors.

    1. Phil Spencer confirmed Friday that Microsoft was publishing Tomb Raider. He exact quote was ” Happy 2 partner w/ SE/CD to publish RotTR similar 2 what we did on Dead Rising” so Tomb Raider will be available only on Xbox and PC. It suck if you only have a playstation but in our case we both own both and still can enjoy it

      1. Spencer’s comments confirm Square Enix, owner of Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics, is free to do whatever it wants with the game and the franchise after the exclusivity deal ends, including releasing it on other platforms…..
        They have no hold on which plat they release on it would be stupid for square to not release to PS4 after the exclusivity deal. Just costs them money and they won’t do that… Ryse and Dead Rising are a different pair of beasts.

        1. What I wrote was a direct quote from Phil on Friday. What he said in that interview was the game had a duration. Which means its coming to another platform after launch. Friday he announced they were publishing it which means it no way it will be on ps4 same as don’t publishing BloodBorne and Deep Down will never be on xbox

          1. Where is this quote coming from exactly?

          2. Phil’s words on this…..

            “Yes, the deal has a duration. I didn’t buy it. I don’t own the franchise,” said Spencer. “I have Tomb Raider shipping next holiday exclusively on Xbox. It is Xbox 360 and Xbox One. I’m not trying to fake anybody out in terms of where this thing is. What they do with the franchise in the long run is not mine. I don’t control it.”

          3. The PUBLISHER is Square .. the developer is Crystal Dynamics. They have paid a lot for temporary exclusivity .. Microsoft are not publishing the game… Square aren’t going to publish a game then cut themselves out of a 10 million (currently) console would be stupid.

  13. Whats really making me laugh is that all these announcements are hurting MS from a PR standpoint. They try and secure reasons for people buy their product and for those who did to feel justified and in return they get lambasted by not just trolls or fanboys but the media as well. They did this SO many times last gen, buying exclusivity or paying for a version of a traditionally PlayStation series, but last gen the 360 was a very well liked console(despite being a total POS) where now the X1 is a poster child for anti consumerism. I have read more then a few times that a good chunk of PS4 sales are from people switching consoles (360 to PS4) and that would explain at least the swing in consumers mindset, but much like the “Sony is doomed/bankrupt” stories that plagued click bait articles last gen I guess hating X1 is just the popular thing now.

    1. That’s because the Internet is run by these Sony nerds who have nothing else to do but I post. They are clearly bored with their system which has no games to play

      1. And again, immaturity.

      2. when the console sells 10 million in less than a year it is highly possible there are a lot of PS4 fans

      3. Yeah, the Internet is secretly controlled by Shuhei Yoshida.

        Get a grip.

        1. Oh you again. Was hoping you choked on your own dick by now.. Some uneducated gamers have to live on I suppose..

          1. What’s wrong? Can’t handle everyone independently recognised the Xbone as cancerous dogshit.

            Cute avatar, it allows me to tell you to crawl back to Twitter with the rest of your mouthbreathing Xbot friends.

          2. Cute Avatar..? Really you truly are just as gay as you sound on forums. Last time I talked to you I made you look a fool. Just don’t. Just don’t make me do it again. I’m not a fanboy. Listen to our podcast and find out for yourself. You my friend are a fanboy and it’s pretty scary. Obsessive tendencies and hate are bad things to have. Your the cancer and shit stain on gaming. It’s funny you seem to come on here all the time from what people tell me.. It is true there are hardly no games to play so far this NEW Gen are there? You are certainly evidence of that. True Story little boy! Seeing how you have nothing to do why don’t you go make daddy a sandwich like my good little bitch you are. FACTS

          3. Only one you’d made look like a fool is yourself, dickhead.

            Gonna make a reference to dicks now, like all true Xbots suppressing their true feelings?

          4. Haha.. Your So tiny and puny. Look me up on PS4. UNIFIED is my tag let’s be friends. PATHETIC PROOF THAT FELLOW PLAYSTATION OWNERS CAN’T EVEN GET ALONG. JUST UTTERLY PATHETIC

          5. I own all consoles. Always have and always will if it has great GAMES. I am the most pure unbiased GAMER in the world! I am all that’s right with gaming and you are all that’s wrong. Facts and a true story. Sorry to make you cry like a good little fanboy bitch that you are. Just remember I’m always right and ALWAYS WILL BE.

          6. Look me up PS4 seriously you fool.. Lol UNIFIED. Like my PS4 as much as my X1. So I would like to know your point about this fanboy stuff you speak of. Never assume anything cause your never right. I have a Xbox in my profile pick yes because I bring balance to the gaming industry! I’m like the League of Shadows if ya will. Xbox is being unfairly judged at this point. So I am helping to promote because is nothing but a glorified better version of Xbox 360 now after all the improvements. Nothing wrong there my firiend. PS4 is more powerful yes,but that does not mean great games don’t exist on other platforms. Facts all day and all night! That’s all I know.

    2. It’s popular for dorks yes..

  14. That’s all well and good if they choose to go that route but they then should not be expecting nor asking for the same price on the other systems. Charge less if their is less content be physical or otherwise.

  15. PS4 fans are always crying about something. Don’t You guys feel embarrassed of defending a system that’s name is PlayStation? How kiddie is that name. PLAYstation. “It’s play time kids!!” Grow up

    1. PC gamers are also upset at this move, before you start beating fanboy drums of your own. Perhaps you should take a look at your own statement before telling other people to grow up.

      1. Regardless it’s business. Please stop the bleeding. Stop making a big deal out cards and a cloth for extra money that it’s probably not even worth. Just don’t. True Story

        1. If it wasn’t worth it, why would Microsoft pay them for it. Microsoft’s tactics limit consumer choice. True story.

          1. Go ask Microsoft..? I don’t work for them little boy. So dumb to even attempt to come at me with that weak shit. Might of been validated had you asked a Microsoft Employee that question. Already said in my opinion in wasn’t worth it,but I don’t work for Microsoft.

          2. Yes, now that you’ve insulted me and acted immaturely, your argument is far more convincing. I stand corrected.

  16. Is it coming to PS4? yeah so bring it and i will love it. the witcher 2 was amazing on x360, the witcher 3 is looking like a true overhaul sequel, cant wait. Shadows of Mordor will fill some time :)

  17. This PR isn’t hurting Xbox one at all the only few gamers crying are the ones who already have a ps4 or a PC and wasn’t interested in getting a xb1.. The consumers who want a xb1 this holiday season well love everything they’ve heard and want an xb1 even more..

  18. People are getting angry over, decks of Gwent cards and a cloth map? really??

    1. Yeah it’s PATHETIC. True Story

    2. NO. people are pissed off that they were not given the respect of making an informed decision. When the 3 C.E. were announced they were ALL 3 the exact same. then, 2 months later we come to find out that no, they are not equal and in some countries this Xbox version is even sold out. So even if someone wanted to switch their order to get these card decks and cloth map, now they cannot. That and the fact that CDPR promised to not have any exclusive content, so a lot of long time fans are worried this could be heralding a very bad change in direction for the developers.

  19. $0N¥ PauperStation entitlement at work again? What a drag. CDPR should be commended for all the work they’ve done.

    1. Its not just Sony it’s the pc crowd that is also annoyed you unwanted moron.

  20. If the X-Box One exclusivity amounted to characters, quests and whatever, I would get the hate. But over a cloth map …
    I am a Sony Fanboy and reactions like these really make me want to bury my head under the sand. And what a person below wrote was 100% correct. Sony fans criticize Insomniac for giving an MS an exclusive yet they didn’t give any lip when Bungie announced Destiny for them. Granted, it’s coming on the X-Box One too, but still it is marketed as a Sony title.
    And honestly? I’m DYING to see the X-Box One get some actual exclusives this time around, new IPs besides Halo and Gears. If I buy an X-Box I want to feel I didn’t do it just for three games. And so far, MS seems to be on the right track. Sure, for every 3 X-Box One games I get ten PS4 games, but at least I want to feel that my MS purchase will be justified.

  21. Why ______ fanboys who are complaining shouldn’t be complaining.
    PC: Yeah Witcher may have started on the PC but considering how many PC players pirated their games i’m surprised they are still supporting PC so well.
    Sony: MS was the sponsor and there never has been a Witcher game on the systems and its just physical items not content so…yeah.
    MS: You pretty much get the best in terms of the CE so just shut up.

    1. The reason why The Witcher 2 had high piracy numbers is because the game was a really good game.
      And because of the high piracy numbers, more people became aware of the game.
      The Witcher 2 didn’t have strong opening sales and the reason is not pirates. If you look at GTA and Call of Duty and the way those games get marketed. They have a huge budget and people all over the world knows about the games. There are building, trains, buses, ect with ads on them.
      Because of piracy, word of mouth, comment sections, forums, The Witcher series are still seeing sales years after release.

      The Witcher 3, I believe, is going to have good opening sales and will still see good sales years to come. There are more people now aware of The Witcher series than ever before.
      The Witcher 3 is going to see high piracy numbers, highest pirated game but that will be a good thing and reflex what a good game The Witcher 3 will be. There will still be people in the dark about how amazing The Witcher 3 is going to be.
      Piracy doesn’t = lose of sales.

      1. Wow your Ignorance knows no bounds does it..? Just don’t. Stop the bleeding why you can. Anything I read you type I just roll over in laughter… True Story and a very Sad one at that. Goodbye that is all!

        1. You really come off as someone with very limited thinking capacity.

  22. I want CD Projekt RED to do well because of the no DRM thing.
    I want The Witcher 3 to sell well because it’s going to be a good game. And high sales number with no DRM is a good thing.

    CD Projekt RED doesn’t need this bad publicity. I hate that Microsoft is ruining other company’s images with their money. Should CD Projekt RED accept money for some cards and a cloth map, YES. Take the money and work on Cyberpunk 2077. I don’t think people have a problem with money being taken for cards and cloth.

    The problem lays with the price of the collectors editions. Xbox One is getting more for the same price as the rest. So CD Projekt just needs to mark up that Xbox One collectors edition price and get more money for the development of Cyberpunk 2077.

    If the price increases of the Xbox One collectors edition then people won’t be so mad.

    But come on people. The Xbox One version of The Witcher 3 will have a lower resolution, so the Xbox One players needs the cards to see what the hell in going on in the game when they busy playing the in-game card game.

    1. Over 2 decks of cards and a cloth map…?? Seriously wtf YOU MY FRIEND HAVE SOME PERSONAL PROBLEMS. Your hate and obsessiveness are really freakish.

      1. I guess you didn’t read what I wrote or you just didn’t understand it.

        1. I don’t need to understand or say anything else bud.

          1. Your comment came off as Stuff of fanboys downing one company with a shot to the resolution issues… I dislike fanboys whether it be Xbots or Sony Ponies.

          2. Would you kindly tell me the points I made in my comment?

          3. Selling Extra Pre Order content for even higher price is just Dumb. With that comment you must not buy these special Pre Orders bundles. Cause only dorks buy the shit in the first place. Fat trolls that is. Hope you don’t run a business with that kind of ignorance. Oh yeah just charge even more so you can fuck over the consumer just to appease the mad fans and fund Cyberpunk..? Really guy? Really? Just don’t… True Story

          4. was that all i said?

          5. That’s all i needed to read before I started laughing… At your ignorance. Consider me your Guidance Counselor. Please listen to yourself. Goodbye that is all.

          6. So my comment was not directed at you. My comment had a message about wanting CD Projekt RED and The Witcher 3 to do well. My comment said that it was ok for them to take the money. My comment spoke about how people are reacting and what they reacting to. My comment even had some Cyberpunk 2077 in there. Hell my comment even had a joke.

            Nowhere in my comment did I mention you nor direct anything towards you personal.

            So your reply was to personal attack me. ‘I have personal problems’ and I’m your ‘friend’, in caps no less. Then you label me a fanboy. Which I am not btw. But you know it all, so I guess my opinions don’t matter. Then you say only fat trolls preorder bundles, then you use the word ignorance. Funny, that was. You mention that making announced preorders more expensive is fucking over the consumer but I guess adding more content to already announced preorders is not fucking over any consumers. Again, funny logic.

            You need to up your reading with understanding. You need to not take internet comments as a personal attack on you. You need to stop attacking the person instead of attacking the topic. You need to look at multiple sides to any topic and just because someone mentions one of the multiple view points, it doesn’t mean that it;s their personal point of views. You you need to learn how to take a joke. Even a bad joke. Most of the comments you read on the internet is not die hard serious shit. Hell I couldn’t even take your shit seriously.

            But someone like you will always believe they are right no matter what.

            I know. I should be mad at the PC for not paying CD Projekt RED for more items in the collectors edition for the PC.

            Oh yes you mentioned true story. The Witcher 3 is running at 900p on Xbox One. True story.

            Why do I get these useless trolls who can’t debate fokol.

          7. Crying now I see… Is your pussy hurt? PATHETIC! What I say goes. That’s just the way it is. Bye now.

          8. I see you must have the last word. Makes you feel better and makes you feel like you are right.

            Your response reminds me of when I play Call of Duty. When I still played Call of Duty I was really good and instead of people trying to be better than me, they instead swore at my mother.

            So good job man. Your comments are really informative and making a difference.

            And just to add. Your troll style is pretty weak and old.

          9. oh fuck you Ryanza you don’t know shit.

          10. lmao being this butthurt.

          11. The Iroquois call me Sasquatch
            In Tibet, they call me Yeti
            Lest we forget that, ignorance is bliss,see
            Some call it pleasure but I feel better when you diss me

            From giants to elves, suitcases to shelves
            And third world children who can’t even feed themselves
            Being conceited is bad for your health
            So every once in a while I try to diss myself.

          12. Wow, what a ignorant asshole, lol.

  23. I like and respect CDPR and want them to do well. Is the furore over some gwent cards and a cloth map really justified? Probably not but the perception was the Xbox one fans were getting something extra for the same price as everyone else while PC and PS4 fans were getting less. When PR is handled right you normally don’t get such heated reactions but as the recent weeks have shown its never simple or easy to hit the right note.

    1. That and a majority of hardcore fans were upset that CDPR the gaming gods and a shining light among the darkness that has become the gaming industry, broke their promise and were heading down a bad path, plus the price and content difference. Also a lot of fans were pissed because in their area/country the “Superior” collectors edition is sold out.

  24. Whinny spoiled gamers…. PATHETIC

    1. I guess that looks quite easy for the guy to say with the Xbox logo.

      1. I bring balance to gaming. That’s why I’m rocking a Xbox logo right now. I’m in a Xbox Podcast,but fixing to change that to a multi console podcast! Look me up on PS4 fanboy. UNIFIED is my tag. True story and facts always. Thanks for your time!

  25. Why did you delete my comment.

    Like I said in my deleted post

    Pre order items are free and it’s up to the individual weather or where they want to get them.

    Exclusive DLC is almost always timed and every platform gets eventually and in most cases for free.

    Collectors edition of games are very expensive and most people that buy them buy them for the physical items. They are charging every one the same Price Of $149.99 but two platforms , the PC and Playstaion 4, are not getting the Extra 5 to 10 dollars worth of content. Like I said it’s not like time exclusive DLC where every one gets it eventually, people who buy the PC version do not get the addition content sent to them six moth down the road.

    This whole deal seams kinda stupid to me, it’s not going to sell more consoles , they don’t even make that many of them. Most of time they end not selling them all and a couple months later can be found for considerably less than retail. I have gotten most of my collectors editions for much less than retail. plus The Witcher 2 CE had poor packaging and many people ended up with broken statues( go the the games forums and you will see for yourself). This move only gains them something with Xbox fanboys, I can’t see it making much difference in console sales or game sales.

    1. And you have kinda answered it for yourself within your post. Believe me! I was fuming mad and actually upset when I first heard this news. I pre-ordered the PC C.E. so you can imagine my dismay when I see 2, technically 3 with 2 gwent decks included, extra items included in the Xbox One C.E. I was just as upset that CDPR seemed to be breaking their promise and potentially heading in a very bad direction, it always starts small towards the downward spiral. BUT I have since cooled off and after reading this response from Iwinski and thinking things over – It could of been MUCH worse than this.

      I am sincerely holding out hope that this is the final exclusive B.S. that we see coming from CDPR. It can only lead to bad things for the gamers,the consumers and CD Projekt RED themselves. Anyone doubting or needing proof, take a look at what happened with Bioware after the EA acquisition. If you honestly think that to be a huge coincidence with the changes in their games, I do not know what to tell you.

      That is how I look at it at least. SO, my point, as I said above, I am not happy with this decision that CDPR has made but I also understand that they are a business and need to survive AND this could of turned out far worse than it has with this situation. Finally, I truly hope this is it and no more follows.

      1. this is very upsetting, and now that CD/SE have gone X1 for RotTR it really sucks…even if that game is timed exclusive.

        1. Agreed. It sucks for the gamers and if you really like a game developer,like, truly follow their work and love their business practices, As I do with CD Projekt RED, then yeah, silly as it may seem, this news hurt and I was seriously pissed.

          Hopefully we do not continue to go down this same path but eventually things get better in gaming. Otherwise we are going to continue to experience this and much more down the road.

  26. I was actually going to get CE. But this approach will make me get the GOG version, after all patches will be released and some dlc added.
    For me, if someone is talking about parity it means exactly the same offer. This is not what I would call a parity.
    And as I understand the CDP approach, simply I won’t back up their actions.

  27. Couldn’t care less, you guys can have your Gwent cards and a cloth map and I’ll take the better console version of the actual game.

    1. Just imagine how I feel with my PC preorder. Winning. lol. Don’t worry the PS4 has tiger blood.

      1. and the Xbox One has panda blood.

        1. I like cute panda’s, much better than pauperblood anyway.

          1. Panda’s have poor eye sight and big and heavy.

  28. I will not buying a promise is a promise after all. Its all about money? Or for a commitment to the players?

    1. The promise made by CD Projekt RED was no DRM, no exclusive DLC, free updates and small dlc for the game. They will only charge for big content DLC. They promised the game would be the same on all platforms, meaning the content in the game will be the same on all platforms.

      So far no promises were broken. The Witcher 3 is going to be really good and CD Projekt RED deserves support from gamers and their games should be supported.

      You should buy the game. Don’t miss out on a good game made by a good game developing studio.

  29. Some people just don’t get common sense.

  30. I want that damn cloth map! Well, I would love to have it all really. I am still content with my PC C.E. BUT this is a bad move, no doubt. I wonder how much this wll actually get them? If anything this seems to have been more a negative than a positive. I sincerely hope they open up a damn Merch. Store! or at the very least sell these cards and cloth maps separately at a future date.

  31. LOLing hard at the desperate Sony entitlement. Pathetic!

    1. Cry harder, KingBSon.

      1. You are so WEAK AND PATHETIC. I’m the real deal and always will be PERIOD! Bye now

  32. All fanboys Xbots and Sony Ponies are all that’s wrong with the industry today! Cancers and shit stains on gaming. For all those who like to play great GAMES instead of talking about why your console is better than the other all day please add me!

    X1: U N I F l E D

  33. Buy them from Xboxers on ebay?

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