During the CD Projekt RED Summer Conference today a new IP was announced, Cyberpunk, a futuristic RPG. Based on the fact on how much they talked about the movie Blade Runner, there’s a heavy influence from the movie. The new game is being developed at CD Projekt RED, but the development team now has two teams of developers, using veteran members from the Witcher 2 team.

The game is based in a futuristic world, with futuristic technology. As we know from CD Projket RED, the game will be a mature title for adults featuring a gripping story with advanced RPG mechanics reminiscent of the Witcher 2. There will be a large and varied selection of character classes as well as huge arsenals of weapons and high tech gadgets. RED promises to bring gamers a new standard for the futuristic RPG, on the game side and technology side, using the RED Engine to build the game.

Mike Pondsmith, the creator of the Cyberpunk Pen and Paper RPG sytem will be writing the story of the game.



Nick Calandra
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  1. I know it just got announced and all but I've got high hopes for this one. Not a super huge fan of futuristic settings, but I trust the devs. Should be good =)

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