The next entry in the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow series should satisfy single player gamers looking for an action game with a long main campaign time.

In a new interview with News10GamesGuys, David Cox revealed the estimated length of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. The preview footage shown in the preview, he explains, is about 4 hours into the game but Cox goes further on to say that the “overall game is 20+ hours”.

As for the Castlevania series, Cox says they are “not going to revisit Castlevania. This is the end of the story, end of the line. We had our story to tell which was Dracula’s story and we feel that if you got a story to tell there’s nothing worse than to keep retelling it over and over again. I think this is the big conclusion to LOS2, I think fans will be satisfied with the ending.”

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 releases on February 25th on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. There are no next-gen versions of the game planned so if you were hoping to pick it up at a later date you might be a bit disappointed. MercurySteam does have a next-gen game in the works however, and it’s completely unrelated to the Castlevania franchise.

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You can watch the full interview by following the link.

Nick Calandra
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  1. Can’t wait for it!

  2. i’ve heard its almost 30h with the side quests and hidden bosses , but 20 is great for SP games these days specially most of them are just 10h not even the half of what this game can provide …

    1. Considering if the game is difficult it could even surpass that 30 hour mark.

      1. yeah i remember playing LoS 1 on high difficulty it took me about 20 hours to complete , and the devs said it needs only 15 , so if they said LoS2 is 20+ it means on higher difficulties it would reach the 30 easily .

    2. holy crap, that sounds huge

      THEN AGAIN… having such long games doesnt necessary mean they ae better. Darksiders 2 was huge, it was basicly the same crap all over, same goes for bioshock infinite. Not to mention dead space and lost planet 3.

      To me its about the quality not dragging on the game to make it longer.

      1. but in this one you can explore the whole castle , and new york area is an open world , its the final castlevania game that mercurysteam is making so they gonna wrap it up and put all they’ve got in this game . i hope its gonna be like GOW2 it was a long game but never got bored of it :) .

        1. wait so you explore a huge castle and there is open world? This game bettr not flop.

          1. im sure about the exploring the castle part 100% , but the open part is too weird to believe . anyhow its confirmed that there are side quests , hidden bosses and RPG elements , i really hope it won’t flip too :)

      2. I actually really enjoyed how long Darksiders 2 campaign was simply because each environment was so much different from the last. Kept things very fresh for me.

        1. well, i am at the part you restore both fir and water to the forge and so far its one grey enviroment with grey dungeons. You telling me that the levels later are diffirent? Because i thought i have gone through alot of “hub” areas with my horse and they looked alike, ill keep playing.

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