Capcom Vancouver, known for 2010’s Dead Rising 2, has placed a new addition to the games section of their website.  “New Game” is all we have to go on for now, but they have revealed a few extra tid bits.  Mainly of note: “No zombies”.

In a short post that looks to mainly attract new staff for their developement team, Capcom Vancouver thanks their parent company for the opportunity to travel a new road:

“Capcom has one of the industry’s greatest back catalogs but for our next project we’ve been given the opportunity to create Capcom’s next big game”.

The post goes on to mention that they are just getting started on their new IP and are only halfway through hiring for the game’s crew.  After a few more notes on who the studio is targeting as staff, they end with a final tease:

“PS… No zombies”

Jeff Scott
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