Capcom Vancouver

In a sad turn of events, Capcom has made the decision to close the studio responsible for the Dead Rising series, Capcom Vancouver.

According to Kotaku, Capcom recently took the time to assess the projects in development at the Vancouver studio and ultimately made the decision to close it. The closure follows layoffs that hit the developer earlier this year, with approximately a third of the team members losing their jobs at that time. The studio closure is effective immediately, with 158 staff members being terminated, though a skeleton crew will remain to oversee logistics until January 2019.

Whether or not any assets from Capcom Vancouver will be carried over to other projects is also currently unknown. The publisher has said that the decision was made, in part, to consolidate its game development in Japan.

Though the news is heart-breaking to say the least, the Dead Rising name could still potentially live on. Capcom still owns the Dead Rising IP, so what happens to the zombie horde franchise’s future is unclear at present.

Today’s unfortunate news follows Capcom’s August decision to focus on quality over quantity.

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