Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry 5 will apparently be applying some of the lessons Capcom learned during its collaboration with Ninja Theory on 2013’s DmC: Devil may Cry.

Speaking to VG24/7 recently, DMC 5 producer Matt Walker said that the new game’s development team holds the spin-off in high regard. The main series’s director Itsuno-san “has explicitly stated that in his mind, DmC is just as important as any of the other titles in the series, and he’s just as proud of it,” said Walker.

However, the appreciation of DmC will reportedly be apparent in more than just words. According to Walker, the team “learned a lot from working with Ninja Theory” and Itsuno has “applied what he’s learned [from DmC] specifically to what we’ve done on DMC 5.”

Unfortunately, Walker did not provide further details about what that would entail, though the announcement trailer suggests some visual cues, at least, with its more modern setting when contrasted against the series’s traditional gothic environs. Those lessons, at least, will not draw from the Western developer’s streamlined approach to combat, as Capcom has previously revealed that DMC 5 will return to the involved battle systems of the earlier games.

Thus far, few concrete details about Capcom’s latest action opus have been revealed, although the team has teased that it will be the conclusion of the story, and revealed that it will incorporate some significant changes to combat.

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