Cancelled Portal Prequel Assets Repurposed by Indie Developers

A cancelled prequel in the Portal series has been discovered.

Indie developer LunchHouse Software has begun to release an episodic documentary showcasing unused Portal mechanics.

The series, titled Exposure, uses gameplay created from Valve’s cancelled Portal prequel game, Aperture Camera. The prequel would have had players utilising a camera to take photos of several objects in the environment. The photographed object could then be copied with the player able to control the scale and placement. Objects retain their physics once photographed as shown in the video where two balloons are copied to lift a box.

The creativity behind the prequel has not gone to waste. LunchHouse has stated that Valve gave the team “explicit permission” to use the original code.

To see some of LunchHouse’s previous work utilising the Portal engine check out PUNT mod for Half-Life 2.

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Richard Flint
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