Call of Duty Modern Warfare game screenshot tactical gameplay

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is going back to the series’s roots for a slower and more tactical game.

Marc-Alexander Millot, game director at Beenox helping with the PC version of the game, described the roots of the gameplay and pace for the upcoming release in an interview with OnlySP.

Millot explained the gameplay as “bring[ing] the same kind of feeling that was back in the old Call of Duty, like the slow pace, more tactical; you don’t simply run and gun, have to take your time.”

Infinity Ward and Beenox have responded to the outcry over the lack of campaign and faster sci-fi style gameplay of the latest Call of Duty titles, and is aiming to take the series back to what made it so popular.

For even more about Modern Warfare, stay tuned for the full interview with Millot.

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Chris Hepburn
A graduate of Game Development with a specialization in animation. A true love for all things creative especially Game Design and Story.

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