Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

If you think pre-orders are the worst thing to happen to PC gaming since the USB cable on your headset got wrapped up in the wheels of your computer chair, we have news for you… yeah, but people are still doing it and companies are counting on the sales. In the case of CI Games’ Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, they’re even willing to give you their $30 Season Pass for free if you buy the game before next week’s April 25 release date.

An FPS fan that’s still not convinced? Then on top of that, you can catch a 20% discount at the PC gaming retailer GMG. That’s $10 off and a $30 bonus. One of the better pre-order offers we’ve seen in PC gaming.

Now, the logical question to follow, is the Season Pass worth $30? Well if you’re a huge fan of the movie American Sniper it is since you get the McMillan TAC-338A as one of 5 DLC bonuses. Okay the extra Sniper Rifle is probably the weakest reason to get the Season Pass, but it is a nice add-on. The SP add-ons include:

  • 2 Single Player Missions: The Escape of Lydia, The Sabotage
  • 2 multiplayer maps
  • an all-terrain vehicle
  • McMillan TAC-338A
  • Compound Bow



With Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 out on Tuesday, April 25 you have less than a week to buy. After the release, the Season Pass will not be included with the base game and will cost $29.99 separately. The GMG 22% off discount is also not likely to continue after the April 25 launch date.

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