Bully 2

Rockstar fans have a glimmer of hope for Bully 2 if a new casting call is anything to go by.

Casting director Jessica Jefferies sent out seven casting calls for an “unannounced video game title with a leading UK games developer, shooting at Pinewood Studios.” Rockstar games is not mentioned in the postings.

However, the casting call is specifically looking for younger actors. The listing also only has placeholder names for the roles as well as other interesting information.

“Mild violence and profanity will be used in scenes with the young performer. The project itself is a thriller/drama and all scenes with the young performer will be handled with sensitivity.”

Rockstar may not be mentioned, but the information given here does raise some eyebrows.

Rumors of Bully 2 have been circulating for a little more than a year and with Red Dead Redemption II less than a month away, Rockstar ramping up production on its next project makes sense.

As with any rumor, this information should be taken with a grain of salt.

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Michael Cripe
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