It looks like Jack Black is trying to rock back into your gaming life. While skimming through thebronasium, a listing can be found revealing that 2009’s Brutal Legend is on its way to Steam.

The game received generally favorable reviews when it released, currently standing at an 82 on metacritic. No concrete details have been given at this point, but stay tuned to OnlySP and we’ll fill you in all latest.

Jeff Scott
A life long Nintendo fan and lover of all things games, Jeff Scott, couldn't be more excited to be writing for OnlySP. When he isn't working the dreaded 9 to 5, he enjoys catching up on movies, great television, and oh yeah - family time when he can fit it in (kidding, honey!). He hopes to blossom from occasional to full time writer at some point. If he doesn't embarrass himself on this site first...

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  1. This is one of my absolute favorites of this generation. More exposure for this gem is fantastic.

  2. I thought this game was fantastic until it turned into a weird, tower-defense game. Not that I have anything wrong with that genre, it was just not what I was expecting.

  3. Honestly, I had somewhat mixed feelings on the game. The aesthetic and art design were brilliantly imaginative, and I liked driving around and searching for collectables in a primal scavenger hunt kind of way.

    That being said, I felt the combat was complete ass and the story, while it had its moments, wasn’t quite as funny as I hoped. The sidequests were repetitive as hell, something all open-world games seem to have trouble with, but I did kind of like the RTS gameplay, even if still encouraged you to drop into the fray yourself and partake in more stiff, unsatisfying combat.

    Overall though, I liked it well enough. The creative art style was enough to elevate it above average for me.

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