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Brothers In Arms has been in stasis since 2008’s Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway, but Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford reignited interest in a possible revival for the series.

In a Twitter conversation with a fan, Pitchford replied to a question asking if the developer has ever considered returning to the series, to which he replied:

Details at this moment in time are scant, but the revelation that Gearbox has been “working on [Brothers In Arms] for awhile” implies that the reboot may be further along than fans think. The tweet above should not be read as a formal announcement, but with E3 around the corner, along with Call of Duty: World War II and Battlefield reigniting interest in historical FPS games, then now would be the perfect time to reintroduce the series.

Rumours circulated back in 2015 regarding a new Brothers In Arms title, but no solid details followed.

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