Bright Memory

Indie action RPG Bright Memory has been updated with new visual options, voiceovers, and other improvements.

Developed by indie studio FYQD, the project is currently in Early Access, with the first episode available on Steam and mobile (Android and iOS). The full version of the game, which will be titled Bright Memory: Infinite, will launch in 2020 according to FYQD. Owners of the Early Access Bright Memory will receive the full game on launch at no extra cost.

The game, which is developed by a single person, has also received its first update since Early Access launched. The update adds several visual changes, such as field of view options, chromatic aberration, and ultrawide support. NieR: Automata and Attack on Titan star Ishikawa Yui joins the cast in a fully dubbed version of the game.

Bright Memory is all about fluidity as it mixes accurate gunplay with deadly sword combos. Players can utilise the pulse ability to juggle foes or smash through barriers. Play as Special Operative Shelia as she attempts to thwart the plans of the military organisation known as SAI.

Shelia is tasked with defending a mysterious material capable of reviving the dead at all costs. During one of SAI’s attempts at stealing the material, Shelia and the enemy forces are transported to a floating continent. Long forgotten mythical creatures, including dragons and demons, have been resurrected and roam the strange lands.

Bright Memory‘s Early Access has very positive reviews overall and is currently on sale for USD$4.68 on its Steam page.

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