Towerfall is a competitive brawler that has, until recently, been exclusive to controversial Android console, OUYA. However creator Matt Thorson has taken to Twitter to announce that the game will be getting a PC port in “a couple of months” with “tons of new content”.

Thorson later responded to fan tweets adding that the port would likely cost $15 – $20 depending on whether the new content justifies the higher price point. The 25 year old then denied that the OUYA version was doing bad by saying:

“OUYA version is doing great! Just want to expand”

We were then treated to another tidbit when the developer said that he might be working on a level editor for the PC version and that everything other than the editor could be included in some form of update to the OUYA version of the game.

Finally Thorson tweeted a screencap of a new level being edited, above. You can buy Towerfall on the OUYA right now.

Source: Twitter

Ryan Archer
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