Over 10 years after its initial release, the acclaimed puzzle-platformer Braid has received a substantial unofficial mod.

The mod, entitled Braid: Now More Than Ever, introduces over 60 stages and continues the tragic story of Tim. Described as a “mod anthology,” the mod introduces new stages, as well as threading in levels from other mods.

Essentially, Now More Than Ever serves as part-compilation, part-mod. The stages the project borrows come from After the Epilogue, Silverbraid, Stone, and Tim’s Modysee. On the game’s ModDb page, the author Jackson_wxyz explains the motives behind the project:

“The mod’s gameplay is a collection of some original puzzles mixed with a greatest-hits-style anthology of brilliant puzzles from other mods. […] The goal is to curate a rich variety of fresh new time-bending puzzle ideas, while creating a more consistent difficulty curve, avoiding excessive demands on platforming skill, and imitating some of the original game’s design philosophy.”

Braid was the landmark effort from game designer Jonathon Blow. Blow returned in 2016 with The Witness, a densely-layered puzzle game.

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Ben Newman

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