Bound By Flame, an upcoming fantasy action-RPG from Spider Studios, is confirmed to run at 1080p with 30-60 frames per second on the PS4.

When the game releases on May 9th, the official Bound By Flame Facebook page has said that it will run smoothly between 30 and 60 frames per second at the highest output possible. While there hasn’t been official word on an Xbox One version of the game, the team have reassured that the next generation version on the PlayStation 4 will look smooth. Bound By Flame will also be arriving on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Bound By Flame will follow an adventurer who is cursed with a demon living inside him and it is up to you to decide whether or not to use its powers; either choice will make a difference. The game will have a moral system, a long 30 hour playthrough (if you complete most of the side quests),  and customization/crafting options for equipment.

Source: Bound By Flame’s Official Facebook Page

Chris Penwell
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    1. Really excited about this one guys. I think spiders has finally got it together and their years of work on their other titles will help make this their masterpiece. I know they are a passionate group and have listened to the fans about the likes and dislikes of their other IPs (mars: war logs) and have used that feedback to create something special with Bound By Flame. I also think this has a chance to do really well on the PS4, first of its kind on this console and the gameplay looks amazing. Good luck guys, I hope it is as great as it looks and will definitely be a day one purchase for this guy!

      1. We will have a review up on the day it releases, so be sure to check back then!

        1. Thank you Nick, I have spoken to a few people overseas (Holland and roundabouts)and they already have their hands on the game. All I have heard is praise for the depth of the crafting and battle systems. Also said though it is not open world it is still fairly huge similar to kingdoms of amalur. Directed open world is how they put it. Really looks great and I hope spiders has finally hit a homerun with this IP.

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