Bound By Flame, an upcoming action RPG, by Spiders Studios and Focus Home Interactive, has a new trailer which shows off its in game footage.

In this trailer, the narrator gives an overview of the game. First, he explains the humanity system in which you decide whether or not you use the devilish powers within your character or decide to stay human. Whatever the decision, this ultimately affects what happens in the narrative. The trailer also gives insight on how characters react to your actions, the huge monsters in your path, the customizable and craftable equipment available in the game, skill trees, and a synopsis of the combat system. More details on the combat will be revealed in the next trailer.

What is interesting from this piece of media is that your relationships with the characters can change battle strategies. Another game that comes to mind which had this feature was Binary Domain, which had characters either trust you or not depending on how you interact with them. However, the question of whether this feature of Bound By Flame will have a similar system to Binary Domain is yet to be confirmed.

Bound By Flame will be releasing sometime within the Q2 quarter of 2014 (April 1st – June 30th) for the PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. No Xbox One version has been confirmed as of yet.

Chris Penwell
Chris Penwell is an editor who loves an engaging story and interesting combat within games. Previously writing for PlayStation Euphoria, Chris is a fan of most Sony Computer Entertainment titles including Uncharted, The Last of Us, and even White Knight Chronicles but he is open to all platforms. His ultimate goal is to go to E3 and interview the developers who have created the games he has loved throughout the 15 past years of his gaming experiences. His most anticipated games include Kingdom Hearts III, Beyond Good and Evil 2, The Division, Final Fantasy XV, and Destiny.

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