Note: All the deals listed below is valid as of writing. If you missed out on the 24-hour only deal from GMG below, check for the latest deal here.

Last chance to pre-order tomorrow’s release Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. In addition to a pre-order bonus DLC pack, two PC gaming retailers are offering huge discounts if you pre-order through them. Green Man Gaming has the best offer, with a 25% off coupon, but that coupon is only good for 24 hours and ends soon. Also worth mentioning is DL Gamer, and their 22% off discount code and will last for a few days after the game launches.

Green Man Gaming:

Note: GMG’s coupon is 24 hours only! It will expire on October 14th at 8am Pacific. GMG titles the Borderlands game as a “Mac” title, but since it’s a SteamPlay game, the same Steam key they email out will work for PC, Mac, and Linux.

DL Gamer

DL Gamers coupon will run through October 16th, two days after the October 14th release.

Pre-loading Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is live! It began late last week, but pre-ordering from Green Man Gaming or DL Gamer will get you a Steam key either immediately or within a few hours (if it takes awhile, your payment most likely needed to be verify for security reason). From there, you can input your key into Steam and begin the download so you’re ready to go for tomorrow’s launch. After unpacking, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel will take up about 20GB of space.

If you happen to pre-order, you’ll also get the bonus “Shock Drop Slaughter Pack” DLC. We know the pack includes a few extra missions, but beyond that details on the DLC have not been forthcoming. It’s probably a similar bonus as to what GameStop offered for pre-ordering Borderlands 2, the “Creature Slaughterdome” DLC which sells for $4.99 right now on Steam.

Say what you want about pre-order video games, but a 25% discount and bonus DLC’s is pretty tempting.

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  1. FYI above codes… GMG’s last until Friday Oct 17 11am ET, while DLGamer ends on Oct 16 (unknown time)

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