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After Borderlands 3 had its packed gameplay reveal stream, a heated Twitter argument revolving around Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford and microtransactions took place.

Fueled by a Game Informer tweet specifically calling out Pitchford for some confusing wording during yesterday’s showcase, the Gearbox lead addressed the article’s contents.

During a Game Informer interview with Gearbox’s Paul Sage, Sage says: “We’re selling cosmetic items, but we’re not going to nickel and dime players.” The statement contradicts the statements made by the Gearbox CEO yesterday.

Pitchford explicitly states during the stream that “there is not going to be any microtransactions” in the upcoming Borderlands 3. During his comments about what purchasable post-game content to expect, Pitchford also says Gearbox will “do all kinds of fun customizations like heads and skins.”

Despite the literal meaning, Pitchford appears to be explaining that the monetization practices found in Borderlands 3 will not be as predatory or game-breaking as some of the methods other publishers have been called out for in the past. In other words, Pitchford, quite frankly, misspoke. The game will, by definition, have microtransactions available for purchase, even if they are largely inoffensive.

After the tension subsided, Pitchford took to Twitter a little later to talk more about the online events that had taken place. Read up on the 18-tweet message below.

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