Borderlands 3 Fake

Despite seeming to be backed by convincing evidence, last week’s Borderlands 3 leak has turned out as a fake.

User ShineRise1, the original poster on Reddit, deleted the post shortly after uploading the information, leading fans to be skeptical of the supposed leak.

Some of the evidence pointing to the leak’s fabrication came from a few users pointing to the footage simply looking unofficial. Others pointed to details such as the font of the logo being the same font as that of original Borderland’s logo, something Gearbox does not normally do.

However, what gave the leak away in the end was some keen-eyed users recognizing the figure in the teaser art that pointed to the game being revealed this E3. The art showed a shadowy figure who was though to be Borderlands 3’s antagonist, but this figure was nothing more than some old Dark Souls 2 art that had been reappropriated to fool eager fans.

Despite the leak being completely debunked, many are still expecting an announcement from Gearbox sometime in the coming year.

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Michael Cripe
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