The development team at Inti Creates recently released new gameplay footage for its upcoming spiritual successor to the classic Castlevania series, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

Former Castlevania series producer Koji Igarashi and his team released an update entitled ‘The Village by the Castle’ on the project’s Kickstarter page, featuring new gameplay (embedded below).

The 30-second clip shows protagonist Miriam navigating a small village with a foggy, red aesthetic. In the update the team gives some context to this particular pallette choice, stating that, “[d]uring the eruption of the Laki volcanic fissure in 1783 and 1784, ‘the afternoon sky was dark as night and red as blood,’ according to a contemporary saying from Hampshire, England. So we tried to express that in the afternoon scene you see here.”

The environment in the update sports the Gothic style most commonly associated with Castlevania.

The footage focuses on the platforming elements of the game, with Miriam shown leaping from rooftop ledge to rooftop ledge in a 2D sidescrolling fashion. At one point, the character enters a building and jumps to the top of one of the rooftops before it begins to cave in.

In the update, the team expounds upon their plans for the village area saying they will add enemies and also a shop to assist the player in their adventure.

The character Johannes will also make an appearance in the village area. Johannes is an alchemist mentioned in a previous update. Johannes refused to take part in the Alchemist guild’s plans to bring demons to the earth to establish alchemy as the prime philosophy. He is said to have avoided their fate as a result of this. Additionally, he wields a whip, which has always been a significant weapon in the Castlevania franchise.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is currently scheduled for release in Q1 2018 and will be headed to PC, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, Wii U and Xbox One.

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