Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a Kickstarter from famed Symphony of the Night assistant director, and Castlevania mainstay,  Koji Igarashi, better known simply as IGA. Check out the announcement video:

IGA is looking to provide the classic Castlevania-style in this new entry. Proving that there is definitely a market for this style in the modern-gaming world, Bloodstained has met its initial goal of $500,000 in a mere hours of its launch, this morning May 11, 2015. This basic funding level assures development on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and the amazing musical composition skills of Michiru Yamane. Stretch goals including hardcover art book, secondary playable character, new difficulty level and the voice acting of ex-Solid Snake man David Hayter.

Extending this day of celebration for fans of the gothic, side-scrolling adventure style is IGAVania over on Twitch. We’re about half-way through the live broadcast at the time of this writing, but here’s a look at the schedule as provided on the Kickstarter page:

  • 11:00: Announcement with IGA, Egoraptor, and Colin Moriarty
  • 11:30: IGA plays Rogue Legacy
  • 12:30: Turbodog702 speedruns Guacamelee with IGA, romscout, Rocco Botte, and Colin Moriarty
  • 1:45: IGA plays Shadow Complex with Donald Mustard, and Derrick Acosta
  • 2:45: PinkPajamas speed runs Bunny Must Die with IGA and Colin Moriarty
  • 3:45: New music from Michiru Yamane and Ippo Yamada
  • 4:00: IGA plays Shovel Knight with Yacht Club Games and Rocco Botte
  • 5:00: Andy plays Ori and the Blind Forest with Colin Moriarty, romscout, and Fangamer
  • 6:00: IGA plays Axiom Verge with Tom Happ and Colin Moriarty

Our early look at develop shows us three core characters: Miriam, Gebel and Johannes and features a 2.5d style. Interviews with Igarashi during the livestream indicate that Miriam is the lead character and that the 2.5d style will be as developed and refined to meet the classic 2d style as their vision allows.

There are several nice awards for backers of the game, so if you enjoy this style and want to support this developer, have a look at the stretch goals and what the different pledge levels give you, to help figure out if you’d like to contribute. Keep your eyes on OnlySP for the latest in single-player focused gaming and more information on Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

James Schumacher
Freelance writer and used-to-be artist based out of the Pacific Northwest. I studied Game Art & Design in college. I have been writing web content for the last 6 years, including for my own website dedicated to entertainment, gaming & photography. I have been playing games dating back to the NES era. My other interests are film, books and music. I sometimes pretend to be great at photography. You can find me on Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, 500px, DeviantArt and elsewhere under my nick: JamesInDigital.

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