Bloodroots looks like a Samurai Jack beat ‘em up but with tons of its own character to fill in the gaps.

Bloodroots was announced mid last year and has been shown off at different events since. Most recently, developer Paper Cult Games brought the title to the PAX East show floor.

Hotline Miami seems to be a clear influence on gameplay, but the visual style is most similar to the cult-classic show, Samurai Jack. Players paint the battlefield with the blood of their enemies as a wolf-pelt-wearing killer thanks to a combat system that encourages environmental kills. With a tagline like “the world is your weapon,” creatively taking out enemies with barrels, wooden boards, and even carrots is to be expected.

The game’s Steam page description lays out a solid idea of what to look forward to when the game launches on PC and consoles later this year:

“In Bloodroots, you’ll smash, slice, crush, blast, crack, slam, burst, break, split, slit, gut, tear, gash, gouge, scoop, cut, chop, dice, hash, grind, and more.”

Check out the game’s reveal trailer down below.

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Michael Cripe
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