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2015’s Bloodborne has been no stranger to revisions by modders, but the most recent mod by Lance McDonald may take the cake.

The mod, found via the debugging code, allows players to control any enemy in the game through a few simple button commands. The news was detailed in a tweet by the mod’s creator, embedded below:

An earlier tweet from McDonald indicated that even the bosses are controllable via this mod. However, whether the average player will ever gain access to this feature is uncertain, as it seems to require access to the game’s codebase.

Mods and glitches have recently uncovered secrets about Bloodborne, especially the exploits found in Chalice Dungeons. However, no other mod has had such a game-bending twist or influence.

Recently, George R. R. Martin revealed he is working with the Japanese studio on an open-world game that includes horse riding. The code for that project will likely be sturdier than Bloodborne‘s, though, so warg-like mods may never arrive for it.

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