Bleeding Edge

The multiplayer-only Bleeding Edge may have the capacity for single-player content in the future.

In an expansive new interview with Metro, Ninja Theory creative director Rahni Tucker discussed much of the game’s features. The most interesting part of the interview, though, was the possibility for future single-player content:

“To be honest though I think we could do some really great single-player campaigns with the game. But it’s such a small team and the multiplayer is at the core of the game. It’s the most important thing and you can’t do it second. […] We have the potential to do single-player stuff in the future, like maybe, there’s plenty of interesting stories to tell with the characters but we’ll just have to see.”

For those who missed Bleeding Edge’s E3 trailer, the game matches Ninja Theory’s penchant for third-person combat with Team Fortress 2 style multiplayer. At first, the game appeared to be strictly multiplayer only, much to the disappointment of single-player fans. Now, though, Bleeding Edge appears to be gearing up to involve some kind of single-player component.

Whether this additional single-player content will merely be an addendum to the multiplayer or even see the light of day remains to be seen.

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