Jar Jar Binks has forever tainted the idea of a prequel, and no one wants yet-another-sequel to a video game. So you still want to cash in on the Borderlands franchise? No problem – let’s launch a PRE-SEQUEL.

On October 14th, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel makes its debut for $59.99. While its last two games have been hits, that’s still a huge chunk of change to be doling out for a pre-order. Nevertheless, you can knock that price down by $12 with a coupon code at GameFly, making the price look much more manageable.

GameFly’s coupon will end soon! The coupon works for most games on their site priced $10 and up.

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  1. FYI new coupon is OCTOBE-R20GMG-OFFERX

    for GMG (vs Gamefly Digital, which was previously listed)

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