Today is the 20th anniversary of the original Half-Life‘s release and social media is abuzz with Half-Life memories, a documentary, and a new trailer for the long-awaited final chapter of the Half-Life remake, Black Mesa.

Crowbar Collective has been working on the remake, which is currently in Steam Early Access, for a number of years now, but it is finally wrapping up development on the final chapter: ‘Xen’.

A trailer for ‘Xen’ was released today showing off the first in-game footage. Crowbar is not just remaking Xen, but also adding in a lot of own original content which has significantly expanded the scope of the game.

“Our goal is to release ‘Xen’ on Steam in Q2 2019,” according to Crowbar Collective. “This will allow us to finish ‘Xen’ to a place where the entire product is stable, smooth, and most importantly…fun! We are already happy with the design state of ‘Xen’ as it stands currently: almost everything is design locked and functioning as intended. We are going to be using the remaining time between now and launch to bring it up to our art and polish standards.”

“Playtests show that all of ‘Xen’ will take roughly 6 hours to complete; longer for those who like to explore. The levels and design for ‘Xen’ are largely original work (with cues taken from Half-Life), rather than just simply a remake of ‘Xen’.”

Check out the trailer for Black Mesa: ‘Xen’ below and let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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