Archetype Entertainment screenshot from official website.

With financial backing from Wizards of the Coast, BioWare veterans James Ohlen and Chad Robertson have set up a new studio.

According to, Archetype Entertainment is based in Austin, Texas. The studio is currently working on an original sci-fi property, although it has not yet revealed anything about the game.

James Ohlen and Chad Robertson were both at BioWare for a number of years. The pair worked on titles such as Dragon Age and Knights of the Old Republic during their time with the studio.

The website for the developer explains that it is building a team to create “games that represent the diversity of our audience.”

Wizards of the Coast is probably best known for publishing tabletop games such as Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons. In recent times, the company has been aggressively expanding into the gaming industry. President Chris Cocks spoke in December about plans to publish at least seven Dungeons & Dragon games in the near future.

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