In the wake of all the Mass Effect 3 cacophony that saturates the media, it’s easy to forget that BioWare has been surprisingly quiet about the Dragon Age series. But at PAX East this year, Creative Director Mike Laidlaw dished out some morsels of information to the anticipating fan base. According to Dark Side of Gaming, Laidlaw clearly expressed that his talk only conveyed ideas for Dragon Age 3, and that nothing was finalized. Laidlaw expressed three key improvements that fans can hope to expect in Dragon Age 3:

Variety will be the spice of the third game of the series. BioWare has absorbed fan complaints about repurposing dungeons and locations from the previous game, and fresh and varied locales will likely be a priority in the sequel.

BioWare also hopes to implement more important decisions, and more significant consequences for those choices. Players should feel like they have more control over their world and ability to shape it through their actions. This is the goal for which BioWare usually strives recently, so hopefully it will be well executed in Dragon Age 3.

Finally, companions’ appearances will be changeable with gear which players can equip. However, BioWare still wants to develop iconic appearances for these characters so they don’t look bland in generic armor.

To reiterate, this is all still talk at this phase, but interaction with developers may give fans some hope that developers can create a quality sequel by processing the critiques and comments from their audience.

Josh Schultze

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