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Despite EA reportedly putting Mass Effect on hold in the wake of Andromeda‘s poor performance, BioWare has used 2019’s N7 Day to hint at a series continuation.

Taking place on November 7 each year, N7 Day (taking its name from a fictional military code) celebrates the Mass Effect series. This year, BioWare’s Twitter feed has been particularly active in teasing the future.

One post references the previous two protagonists, Shepard and Ryder, before concluding with, “[h]ere’s to the heroes of the universe and those to come.”

Meanwhile, BioWare project director Mike Gamble asked fans:

The studio’s general manager also joined in the teasing, sharing previously unseen concept art and teasing “many stories yet to tell”:

None of these teases should be taken as confirmation that a new Mass Effect is in development, but BioWare has recently been more positive about the future of the series, with reports emerging earlier this year that the series is being “warmed back up.”

However, with Dragon Age 4 reportedly not set to launch until at least 2022, a new Mass Effect would likely be even further away.

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  1. I have Andromeda, haven’t played it yet but I’m curious to see if it’s as bad as everyone says.

    I DO wish they’d figure out how to approach this series again. The ending of Mass Effect 3 really shot themselves in the foot, unless they do something really creative and out of the box, they’re going to be forced to rely on prequels now, which is hardly ever as interesting as it should be. Regardless, whatever they do, they really need to come out swinging.

    1. I have to deter, Prequels could be interesting: like how Garrus Vakarian became a mercenary between ME1 & ME2, there’s lots of stories that can develop in such a rich lore inside the Mass Effect universe (sort-of like what you’d see in Knights of The Old Republic 1&2, where the story-plot reveals gradually via multiple travels & planets going back & forth between main & side quests).

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