Bioware have yet to properly reveal their upcoming RPG Dragon Age III: Inquisition, but don’t mistake that as a sign of them being insecure or scared of the competition, one of their employees claims.

In a recent post on the Bioware forums, official representative Blair Brown posted the following statement (click to enlarge):


Essentially, he claimed that Bioware is confidently moving forward with a well-realized vision for the game, and that they’re “not afraid” of competing with other upcoming ‘dark fantasy’ RPG juggernauts like Dark Souls II and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the latter of which will release on next-gen platforms just like Inquisition.

Brown’s response was in defense to fans’ concerns about a lack of information, gameplay and screenshots released for the project so far, indicating seemingly troubled development. He assured fans that the developer is considering their “high standards” and want to make something that stands on its own.

All signs point to the game being revealed at E3 this summer, though nothing is certain for now. Just know that Bioware doesn’t want you to forget about the title.

Stay tuned for more news on Dragon Age III: Inquisition here at OnlySP. To see the concept art released so far, click here.

Michael Urban
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  1. I guarantee this game is further away from the formula in the first game than the second.

    1. Well that’s depressing.

    2. If ME is anything to go by it will be closer. The quality of the plotline and ending however is up in the air,

    3. yeah, after my experience with ME 2/3 and what I’ve read about DA 2, this is definitely not a day 1 buy… if I pick it up at all….

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