Following a relatively confusing E3 pitch from BioWare as to what Anthem actually is, the developer has expanded on the title’s single-player components.

In a robust interview with Game Informer, the developer explains that the majority of BioWare’s single-player narrative gameplay will take place in Fort Tarsis—an instanced, solo-only part of Anthem where the majority of exposition, choices, lore, and relationship-building will take place.

The rest of the game, namely the co-operatively focused combat and exploration, will take place in a shared, open world; Fort Tarsis, then, quarantines the single-player experience, as opposed to any real, substantial symbiosis of both genres.

Expanding on the above, BioWare general manager Casey Hudson stated that the company flirted with the idea of making the original Mass Effect a co-operative experience, but realised it needed to build a project “from the ground up” to make this possible.

In terms of player consequence, these will only manifest within Fort Tarsis, not the open world. Some narrative and cutscenes will exist outside in the open-world, but these will be relatively minor; a lot of emphasis was placed on the incorporation of co-operative players in these scenes, which has little consequence for single-players.

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