Publisher 2K Games is rumoured to be working on a new entry for the critically-acclaimed BioShock series.

The new rumblings on the franchise stem from a a Kotaku report on Mafia III, entitled ‘How The Makers Of Mafia III Lost Their Way’. The original article is a research piece exploring how Mafia III developer Hangar 13 has been evolving for the past 18 months, with many major people in the company, including the art director and major game designers, being laid-off in February.

However, report author Jason Schreier discovered that other people within the company, who are as of yet unnamed, moved to a “top-secret” studio to work on the next BioShock title, which he revealed in a tweet earlier today:

Although neither the article nor Schreier hinted at what the secret studio could be, astute observers have noticed that Hangar 13 and the now-defunct BioShock 2 developer 2K Marin are both situated in Novato, California.

Whilst the following is a stretch, signs are pointing at the secret studio being made up of Hanger 13 and BioShock-affiliated 2K Marin members.

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Ben Newman

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