Video game accessories have become increasingly popular over the years. As technology advances and video games become more challenging and competitive, companies are rapidly discovering new ways to give players an edge over their opponents. One such company, Bionik, is making waves in developing new accessories for both casual and hardcore gamers and everyone in-between. At E3 2017, OnlySP was fortunate enough to receive a tour of some of the company’s recent developments. Below is the first of three lists of some of Bionik’s more exciting products.

1) Elite Kit

Kicking off this list of Bionik accessories is the Elite Kit. Made for the Xbox One Elite controller, the Elite Kit comes with two small paddles and two large paddles that clip onto the back of the controller’s handles, and an ORB circular directional pad (D-pad) that snaps into place over the default D-pad. The equipment offers a unique, textured surface for better grip and control, and the ORB circular directional pad is ideal for fighting games (Injustice 2, Marvel Vs. Capcom, Tekken 7, etc.). Priced at USD$19.99, the Elite Kit is available in two different colors: black and silver.

2) Rapid Charge Kit

The Rapid Charge Kit is one of Bionik’s favorite products to date due to the tangle-resistant threading. Created for the Nintendo Switch, this kit utilizes a Type-C charger that supports multiple voltage outputs, including 15V—the voltage required for the Nintendo Switch Dock. The charger’s cable is protected by woven shielding using a flat design that offers resistance to tangling. The charger will replenish the battery for both the Nintendo Switch and Pro Controller. Bionik’s Rapid Charge Kit will be available starting sometime in July, with the price yet to be disclosed.

3) Tetra Power Dock

Supporting the Rapid Charge Kit is the Tetra Power Dock. For all those who love Joy-Con controllers, this power dock is a convenient tool for recharging those pesky batteries. The Tetra Power Dock will allow gamers to charge four Joy-Cons simultaneously. Adding more convenience, the dock attaches to the Nintendo Switch Dock so users can keep their system and accessories in one place. Furthermore, the Tetra Power Dock has LED indicators that will let gamers know when their Joy-Cons are fully charged.

4) Mantis

Crafted for PlayStation VR, the Mantis is a headset that attaches directly to the main device with on-ear headphones. Dust-proof and tangle-resistant, Mantis clips onto the VR headset band and can flip on and off the player’s ears. With a tentative release window of fall 2017, Bionik’s Mantis will be available for USD$49.99 and is a great piece of equipment for any VR gamer whose ears get easily fatigued when wearing bulky or generally uncomfortable headphones.

5) Quickshot

Finally, fans have spoken, and with their voices loud and clear, Bionik has developed and released the Quickshot—a set of grips and trigger locks similar to those found on the Xbox One Elite controller. The difference is Bionik’s Quickshot costs $USD19.99, whereas Xbox One’s Elite controller runs between USD$119.99 and USD$159.99. Moreover, fans with experience using Bionik’s Quickshot have praised the product for being superior to the Xbox One Elite controller, no small feat for a gaming accessories company. The Quickshot can be installed or uninstalled at the user’s leisure, bringing more customization options to both casual and hardcore gamers alike. Be sure to keep an eye out for OnlySP’s Quickshot product review down the road.


While OnlySP did not get a chance to test most of the above accessories, the prospect of the lot of them sounds rather enticing. For all of their latest tech, be sure to check out Bionik’s website. In addition, for all the latest in single-player gaming and more details on Bionik’s products, bookmark OnlySP and follow the site on Facebook and Twitter.

Dylan Warman

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