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‘Steampunk apocalypse’ strategy game They are Billions developer has updated fans on tons of news about the game’s campaign.

Numantian Games was sure to include more than just a few tidbits of information in its update across the weekend.

Firstly, the campaign mode has been delayed until the game’s version 1.0 release and is turning out to be much more ambitious than originally planned.

“Given the success of TAB, we feel the responsibility to develop the best possible game. We’ve just got one chance to release the full finished game, and we would honestly prefer to be known as the ‘slow developers’ that have released a great RTS, than the ‘rushed developers’ with an average game,” the team wrote.

Numantian promises a lengthy campaign that will take 40-50 hours to complete. Currently, this single-player mode is not scheduled to be included in the Early Access version of the game and instead will be included in the full release.

Some new images of the campaign are embedded below.

Besides the detailed campaign update, the developer also confirmed that it will continue to add more tools to the level editor as time goes on.

The They are Billions survival mode will also receive two new map themes in addition to some new units soon.

OnlySP’s DJ Arruda went hands-on with the title last year, finding that—even in its Early Access incarnation—They Are Billions is capable of teaching some valuable lessons: “Patience, acceptance, and understanding are important virtues both within and without gaming, and having a strategy game teach those in such an addicting, satisfying, and ultimately soul-crushing way speaks to the power of games beyond the playing.”

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