Firaxis Games is hinting at the possibility of a major announcement for last year’s excellent strategy game XCOM 2 at E3 next week.

The official Twitter account for the rebooted XCOM series yesterday revealed a new promotional image with the tagline “the real war begins,” alongside the date and time for the 2017 PC Gaming Show E3 press conference. The words are backgrounded by a red-hued alien close-up and a new logo, simultaneously reminiscent of and divergent from the original key art for XCOM 2.

Although Firaxis has not released any details of its presence at E3 at the present time, the timing and nature of the tease suggests a major announcement for the title is inbound, with the highest likelihood being a major expansion on the scale of the previous title’s XCOM: Enemy Within DLC. Such speculation is supported by the similarities between today’s tease and the way that XCOM: Enemy Within was originally hinted at through an orange-hued revision of the Enemy Unknown’s logo.

Whatever the team is teasing will be revealed on June 12, during the PC Gaming Show press conference.

To date, XCOM 2 has received a number of minor updates and additions, but has also been heavily supported by the modding community. One of the more notable additions is the Long War 2 mod, which was developed by Pavonis Interactive, a studio founded after members created the Long War mod for the previous XCOM game, which is also currently working on a strategy game of its own.

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