BIG Festival

Latin America’s largest independent gaming conference, the Brazilian Independent Gaming (BIG) Festival, will feature Halo, Firewatch, and LIMBO developers as headliners in panels discussing the shifting sands of modern development.

Set to take place across six days beginning from June 26, the festival is broken into a series of segments including Brands, Ideas for Cities, and VR/AR, each of which explores different areas of the gaming landscape. One of the most eye-catching segments is BIG Impact, which is an “initiative dedicated to games with positive impact and power to transform society.” Some of the panels arising from this area of the show will include a case study of how games can be used in therapy, a discussion of how more women can be attracted to the industry, and how interactive entertainment can help to keep indigenous cultures alive.

Meanwhile, 343 Industries’s Outsource and Vendor Manager Andrien Cho will be holding a talk on project management and Campo Santo designer Chris Remo will discuss narrative design and self-publishing. Playdead co-founder Dino Patty will join Remo in that latter panel, and he will also host an additional talk on “building a vision driven studio.”

BIG Festival will take place in São Paulo, Brazil, and, while the panels will not be livestreamed or broadcast, transcriptions will be made available. A full list of the talk, guests, and program is available at the festival’s official website.

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