Beyond: Two Souls can be played in its entirety with only an iPhone or Android device, Quantic Dream’s David Cage announced at Eurogamer Expo.

The concept of integrating smartphone control into Beyond originated as an idea for asymmetrical co-op, according to Cage, the game’s director. The player would control protagonist Jodie Holmes while a second person could control the metaphysical Aiden through an app called BEYOND Touch, available now for iPhone and Android.

The interface has evolved, however, so that a player can play through the entire game solo “just with one finger” on a smartphone.

The game’s experience while controlling with a smartphone is doubtless far shallower than using an actual DualShock, but the fact that it’s still an option — in addition to their casting of movie stars like Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe — further underlines Quantic Dream’s perpetual goal of expanding the video game audience.

Beyond: Two Souls will launch Oct. 8 for the PlayStation 3.

So is Quantic Dream turning a new corner in gaming, or are they just watering down the experience? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Via Eurogamer

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