During one of the oddest and most interesting panels of E3 2019, Bethesda director and producer, Todd Howard, sat alongside Tesla founder Elon Musk.

The two disputable internet legends spoke about the future of gaming technology and whether it has had an effect on the world around us.

Later in the show, Howard was asked about the new IP from Bethesda titled Starfield. As the first original IP from Bethesda in over 20 years, Starfield has a lot of pressure riding on it following the lacklustre Fallout 76. Howard asked for fan patience with the project but promises that the experience will dangerous and, above all else, authentic.

For Howard, authenticity equates to minute accuracy in the space flight sim aspects of Starfield, with a splash of that Bethesda charm. The Kickstarter game, Star Citizen, springs to mind when Howard is describing the new fantasy project, whether or not Bethesda can deliver on something as grandiose as that however remains a mystery for now.

Check out the full panel below.

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Richard Flint
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