Hidden as a small Easter egg in the latest DLC, Nuka World, is a tribute to a Fallout 4 fan’s brother who passed away two months ago.

Two months ago, Reddit user NoohjXLVII posted a thank you note to Bethesda for Fallout 4. He talks about using Fallout 4 as a coping title after his father passed away last year. Upon the release of the Automaton DLC, he created a sentry bot named GR-36, named after his father Greg. It allowed NoohjXLVII to walk the wastelands with his father, bonding with him again during their travels together.

Although he finishes the note detailing how his younger brother, Evan, is in an ICU as of writing, both siblings were huge fans of the Fallout franchise, so much so that NoohjXLVII was making a tower for his brother when he found out about his critical condition. Later updates revealed that, due to complications with diabetes, he passed away.

Around the same time, NoohjXLVII got a care package from Bethesda. The package included vinyl collectables, a t-shirt and even a deathclaw plush. It also contained a note from community manager Jessica Finster. While expressing condolences for his loss, hoping the contents find him well, she also wrote: “In addition, I reached out to the dev team at Bethesda Game Studios, and they plan on creating an NPC of Evan that players all over the world can find in Nuka Town.” Below are photos of the care-package and the letter sent.

Recently, NoohjXLVII revealed a video of finding his brother again in Fallout 4. It shows a happy chap sitting on top of a trailer looking out upon the wastelands. If you speak with him, he’ll not only offer everything he has for free but also gives you a Nuka-Love Recipe. The video also shows where you can find him, in the aptly named “Evan’s Home.”

The Nuka World DLC is out now for Fallout 4. You can also contribute to a GoFundMe page created to help pay for the medical bills.

[Source: Original Reddit post.]

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