Ever since the 2011 reveal of Prey 2, the space bounty hunter game published by Bethesda and developed by Human Head Studios, there have been conflicting reports that it was or was not canceled.

It left the game in limbo for a period of time until this past week when Bethesda said that the game might be picked up by Arkane Studios, developers of last year’s cult hit – Dishonored.

This has rubbed the former Narrative Designer/Writer of Prey 2 – Jason Blair –  the wrong way. In his tweets, he publicly called out Bethesda saying that Prey 2 was a full game and that the reasons for its place in development limbo were political.

He is dismayed that his co-workers will not get the credit that they deserve for Prey 2, though he is confident in Arkane’s abilities and that they will do well with it.


Spencer Fawcett

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  1. This isn’t the full story and just leaves me more confused.
    Why would Bethesda lie? And why wouldn’t his co-workers get credit if they deserve it?

    1. Politics, my friend, politics…

  2. What did human head studios do for all this crazy stuff to happen?

    1. Bethseda: it wasn’t buggy enough

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