Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III is edging closer to release. In fact, its open beta was finally released just earlier this morning. While most of us may be interested in the game’s campaign mode, the current open beta is for the multiplayer mode which runs from this morning April 21 until April 24 at 10AM Pacific.

If you’ve been dabbling in the game’s open beta and find everything about Dawn of War III is what you want, you are in luck as we’ve rounded up all the latest deals for the Steam game below – just in time before the April 27 release this upcoming Thursday.

Dawn of War III Best Pre-Order Deals

Developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Sega, the game has already shot up to the #4 top selling slot on Steam Store (in US sales chart). It’ll be interesting to see if this holds true through release week as it’ll be facing more competitive titles later next month (Prey, Steel Division: Normandy and much more).

Pre-Order Bonus for Dawn of War III


While it isn’t anything jaw-dropping, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III will include a cosmetic “Master of War” skin pack as a pre-order bonus for the rabid Space Marine fans in all of us.

Master of War Skin Pack includes three cosmetic skin for Super Walker Elites in the game

  • Dark Queen skin for Lady Solaria (Imperial Knight)
  • Ghost Seer skin for Farseer Taldeer (Wraightknight)
  • Big Kustom skin for Beauty (Morkanaut)

These are nice-to-have but certainly they won’t make or break the game. GMG’s Steam key deal of 25% off has no known expiration date, though we suspect it’ll be reduced to 20% to 22% off once the game is released (provided sales and reviews are favorable). For other retailers, we expect their deals to run through release week, particularly DLGamer which isn’t that big of a discount all things considered.

Note that both DLGamer and GamesPlanet will include the aforementioned pre-order bonus skin pack whereas GMG makes no mention of them due to their source of the key. Your call if the extra cost in the lesser savings at DLGamer or GamesPlanet will be worth the pre-order bonus inclusion.

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