Berlin-based developer One Vision games,have released a new trailer for their surreal first person exploration game, Essence.

The beautiful footage captured from the alpha build showcases some of the weird and wonderful worlds the players will explore within the game. This is no mere walking sim, though. As you venture into the world it transitions from a simple black and white rendering into a fully interactive world, morphing in real time as you explore each nook and cranny in search of fragments which will reveal your place within the strange reality presented to you.

Or in one Vision’s own words:

“Essence is an exploration game where the world around you revives and evolves with your game process. While discovering, shaping and coloring more and more of the mysterious worlds you will not only find the truth that is hidden within but also find your reason to be in this worlds by uncovering hidden secrets and lost memory fragments. Soon you will recognize that every single one of the countless unique areas serves its very own purpose and has its own reason to exist. Time to dive deeper..”

Essense is currently in the early stages of development for PC, Mac and Linux. The team at One Vision, are in the process of relaunching a Kickstarter campaign to help acquire the funding needed to complete the game. This will be live by the end of the month.

If, like me, you’re tempted but don’t have a gaming PC, there are stretch goals for a potential Xbox One and Playstation 4 version.

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